World Class Artists

“The Platonic ideal of a chamber music concert” – that’s how the New York Times described the Sherman Chamber Ensemble.

The ever-changing roster of musicians combine together to bring the best of music - from classical chamber music, to modern day compositions.   From Baroque to Jazz, from Bach to Vivaldi, from Bluegrass to the Beatles - and everything in between - you'll always be amazed at the versatility and skill of our performers.

Eliot Bailen, cello, artistic director, co-founder
Susan Rotholz, flute, co-founder

Bailen, The Band

Sarah Adams, viola

Eddie Barbash, alto sax

Thomson Kneeland, bass

Jill Levy, violin

Doori Na, violin

Chris Parker, drums

Ted Rosenthal

Michael Roth, viola

Stacey Shames, harp

Paul Woodiel, violin

Summer 2013 2 Nancy.jpg